Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani 2012

Revival Meeting 2012

Date : 19th - 22nd July 2012
Venue : BEM Buduk Nur, Ba Kelalan, Sarawak.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani 2011

Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani 2011

Tarikh : 13hb-18hb Julai 2011
Tempat : Gedung Haleluyah, Gunung Murud - Sarawak

International Revival Meeting 2011

Date : 13th - 18th July 2011
Venue : Gedung Haleluyah, Mount Murud - Sarawak

Friday, July 30, 2010

What Happened At Bethel Church?

Just walking through the simple fence surrounding the church and standing at the doorstep, I could sensed something in the air. A familiar pleasant feeling that I always feel whenever I stepped foot into Haleluyah Church at Mount Murud. It is the sense of heaviness, power and many other things that I could not explained.

Seeing the sight before me, I was merely not ready for what happened next. I took my camera and began to work my way taking the best angle shot as many as possible.

And next, without warning - the heaviness of the presence that I have felt earlier began to burst - Just like a flowing water, gushing fiercely through me as I watched the simple act of washing each others feet in a sheer humbleness.

Capturing those moment, tender face, and tender act of the leaders and elderly intercessors washing those feet through my lenses, enough to envision Jesus when He, the Son of the King of Kings did that symbolic act thousand years ago.

And I wept.

I dare not to think if I were in those disciple's shoes those days. The tender face of Jesus, sitting at my feet washing my feet. The feelings I had was - unexplainable. One thing for sure, I know that I was unworthy, but His grace was more than enough for me.

And what follows next, I sensed the pure joy and warm presence of the Holy Spirit, gushing through us and around us in the room like wind. It was a beautiful, beautiful feeling - when you were embraced in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

And that night, I had a dream.

I saw myself after taking a shower, and that in my hand I was holding a scrub/brush. Next, I saw this Johnson Baby Shower Cream next to me and I was washing my feet using the brush/scrub and the baby shower cream! What a pure delight!

And later, I saw myself walking down the street and as I stopped at one shop, in my hand I saw myself holding a pair of baby shoes which was made of a very fine quality, expensive price and very beautiful.

And I woke up.


This is one of the most profound moment (again) that I experienced whenever I attended such meeting. Be it at Mount Murud, be it at Ba Kelalan, God always moves in different way and many times - Unexpected and Unexplainable.

And that makes it beautiful and always, brings me from one level to another level of intimacy with Him.

I am blessed.

- Sandra M. Tagal

God Encounter

This is the very first time in my life that I ever had such deep encounter with God, the feeling is just almost face to face. I really feel the revival of God’s fire in my heart, and looking forward to participate in the coming meeting at Mt Murud.

Dr Ng Ruey Terng

Kuala Lumpur

With grace of God Almighty, He finally granted me to arrive in His chosen Holy Land. A place which I believe takes the role of Jerusalem, an alternative where upon every believer can come to have a personal relationship with God.

I couldn’t begin with any word better than “Thank you” for the warm friendly and generous love, care and family like hospitality that pour again and again each day during my stay (4days). Special thanks go to the family of Bapa Taga l and the people who directly or indirectly make this annual event possible. ‘Syabas’ keep up the good work.

I believe our Christian journey has been so blessed and gifted. Indeed God is generous and patient; we continue to have strong faith and courage. It is our duty to go out to preach His good news to the rest of the world regardless of using any method or ways to reach out. More people should have the privilege to come experience God’s presence in Ba Kelalan. Halleluyah !

For the footnote: more English worship songs is a plus.

Overall : Job well done

Appreciation : Big thanks to organizing committee, volunteers and helps.


Brunei Darussalam

Perjalananan dari Miri ke Lawas dan Lawas ke Ba Kelalan adalah satu perjalanan yang begitu jauh an harus mengharungi keadaan jalan yang bagitu mencabar terutama di kawasan yang menuju ke Buduk Nur. Namun oleh kerana kerinduan dan kepercayaan pada Hadirat Allah ada di Buduk Nur maka semua itu tidak mematahkan semangat untuk sampai ke KKR 2010.

Sesungguhnya kesukaran yang kami tempuh di jalan bermakna apa-apapun kerana sebaik saja masuk ke gereja pada malam pertama KKR, sudah terasa hadirat Allah. Saya melihat Yesus sedang duduk di takthaNya, dengan makhota di kepalaNya. TakhtaNya betul-betul di atas pentas gereja, lantas hati saya mengatakan “Allah ada di sini”.

Sepanjang kebaktian yang diadakan, sungguh saya diberkati dan yang paling indah sekali ialah persekutuan doa di gereja Bethel. Hadirat Allah sungguh nyata sekali terasa di situ. Ada penglihatan, ada firman Tuhan disampaikan melalui bahasa Roh, sungguh indah sekali.

Kalau diceritakan satu persatu berkat, pengalaman pekerjaan Roh Kudus, ucapan Allah, aliran sungai dari Allah dan lawatan Tuhan saat pujian dan penyembahan dan firman Tuhan disampaikan memang begitu banyak. Hanya satu perkara yang saya dapat katakana mengenai kesemua keajaiban itu ialah, “Tak rugi saya dating ke KKR ini, walau harus menempuhi kesukaran di jalanraya dan perjalanan yang jauh namun semua terpadam oleh berkat, rahmat, sukacita serta urapan Allah yang dialami dalam KKR PDGM 2010. Halleluyah. Misi seterusnya ialah ke Gunung Murud untuk mendapatkan urapan baru dari Tuhan pada 2011. Halleluyah.

Saya yang amat diberkati Tuhan,

Noraini Assan

SIB Bukit Kanada Miri (BM)

Testimony from 2010 Revival meeting

Praise God for another wonderful revival meeting. I am very blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit and the love of the Ba Kelalan people. I could not help but weep uncontrollably when I saw the elderly and senior respected Lun Bawang people washing the feet of the younger people from their community and thereafter to us from outside their community. I cried and cried when the Holy Spirit revealed to me that Christ was washing my feet through this Lun Bawang man.

Thank you so much for a great spiritual experience in the Lord.

Micheal Cheong

Kuala Lumpur